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    9 out of 10 computer networks have potentially serious IT problems sitting undetected.

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“If you fail to plan…you will plan to fail”…

Networks have become as common in the workplace as telephones, but if not properly designed and implemented, they can create more problems for your company than they were intended to solve. Before setting out on a journey, the prudent traveler has both a starting and ending destination in mind. From these two points he is able to create a roadmap to take him safely and quickly to his desired goal. The objective of an Assessments is to provide you with a detailed description of your current network environment, along with what is needed to accomplish your stated goals located.

Network Concepts goes way beyond just network discovery and documentations to provide real “value-added intelligence” to your IT assessments. Our proprietary data collectors compare multiple data points to uncover hard to detect issues, measure risk based on impact to the network, suggest recommended fixes, and track remediation progress.

Whether you choose our non-intrusive IT Assessment, interactive IT Compliance, or any of the special-purpose software or appliances, you’ll find Network Concepts to be an indispensable partner used by thousands of businesses in the Delaware Valley.