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HIPAA, GLBA, Sarbox, PCI-DSS acronyms that
causes blood pressures to rise and headaches to incur!

Do You Understand Your Data Privacy – Network Security Insurance Policy Forms? You are not alone if you are thoroughly confused by Network Security Liability Insurance policy questions. “What does HIPAA entail? What does HITECH mean? What are these new PCI-DSS requirements I keep hearing about? How can I make sense of all of the information that is out there and how do I know what applies to me?”

Though the regulations are cumbersome and messy, hopefully we can provide some clarity and together we can achieve the ultimate goal – transforming our technology industry to benefit us all. Data is everywhere. Protecting it is everything.

Don’t go it alone and wind up on the “HITECH Wall of Shame.” Reduce stress, remain compliant without breaking the bank.

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